Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Little Ones

There comes a time in most people's lives where they want to be come parents...  I have not gotten to that time yet.  When I used to babysit the kids were  cute for a short stretch of time.  Then when the fighting begins and God forbid they should be told to go to bed then all hell breaks lose.  

But, in these recent months very close family friends have had a baby and my future sister-in-law recently popped one out.  I now think of this time in my life as a transitional period, where I cross over from avoiding the room where children are in, to making that the first room I visit, and probably where I will stay the remainder of the day.  

Now don't get wrong from the time I was little I always wanted to have a family.  I just knew that you had to be careful with babies and I am not the most gentle of people.  But, as I look into my nephew's little eyes and     adore his little nose or look at little Christian smiling as he bounces around and pulls himself up I know there is something in me that is changing.  
Maybe by the time I get married and we are a year or two I will fully want to commit. 

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