Thursday, March 28, 2013

California Ruffle

Do you ever have pieces of clothing that you can remember exactly everything about the purchase?  I do- on almost all my clothes.  Almost everything I have bought myself was a huge decision.  I am not being dramatic-although maybe I am. But, I know there are other things in my life that I need to save my money for (i.e. a house, a wedding), and there is other people who go without or that I should buy something for.  So, every purchase is like a big deal.  That and the fact that when I buy I really have to love it. This is probably why I do not own a lot of basics.  Basics are boring so therefore I don't love them.  Take a black blazer for example.  A plain black blazer- not interested.  A black blazer with gold studs on the collar and pockets- loving it- gotta have it!  
This shirt is something I hold dear to me, (again dramatics may be a little bit).  I bought this the first time I visited San Diego.  I fell in love with the city right away. Since then I have always said San Diego is like a Hoboken on the beach but better.  Everyone is young and their main concern is to have a good time.  I bought this shirt in La Jolla. It is now 5 years old and looks as good as it did when I first got it.  
I feel happy as when I was there in store when I put it on, every time.  The shirt is enough to carry an entire outfit, with the bold color choice of purple, the print being so fab, the ruffle being subtle, and the high shine buttons- just right with a muted pant and sweater combo- like I did here for work.  


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