Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Meat Pie- Year 1

Behold the recipe for the meat pie.  O yes- this year marks year one of me making the pie.  In previous years I would hope that one of my mom's friends would drop one off so I can immediately stick a fork into it.  But, this year I was in command.  
It is basically a sodium sandwich.  The pizzagaina is cheese, egg, and three types of meat.  We used sausage, hot Italian ham, and salami.  It is magical.  

Most people say you can only have a little bit.  I usually always exceed the little bit amount and have a lot bit.  I have so much of it over the week prior to and after Easter that I am good for the year.  I than have patience the whole year until the week before Easter again.  
That is an "M" you see in the middle of the pie.  I claim my work and possessions.  

Happy Easter!!

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